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Views/Reviews and Comments from Readers

Comments from Readers!

Sweets First!

“It is a book that lets you peep into the dark corners of a sinister world of conflicts, conspiracies, crime and corruption that flourishes under the cover of impressive tags of honour, secularism, democracy, liberty, human rights – all that sells very well but also serves the rogues in disguise to rob the nation of its moral fibre.”

- Bankim Chandra Sarma, Guahati


“In my view, this is a book that every right thinking Indian must read, and determine whether he or she can possibly do something about the direction in which the country is headed. We cannot and must not allow our great country to wallow in the mire we seem to have been driven into.”

- Lieutenant General Satish Nambiar, PVSM, AVSM, Vir Chakra (Retd), Padma Bhushan Awardee


"What a provocative plot and gripping narration in simple, subtle, perfect English garnished with a fading Haryanvi dialect. A few typographical errors apart, ‘Crime Academy’ displaces much of the run-of-the-mill stuff to carve out its own niche in the book market. Whereas references from the Vedas, the Gita and Upanishads lend power to the thrust of arguments, the author’s quest to synergise Yogic energy with modern science – nano/zepto technology – is mind-boggling! Who knows the mystique of EnterYami idea hypothesised by him in this book might inspire scientists to take a cue one day and make stunning discoveries in the future.   Enjoyed it thoroughly. Long after authors like Salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth, VS Naipaul and a few – very few – others like Amish Tripathi, Karan Kharb may have added yet another dimension to the Indian English writing. I congratulate him and look forward to reading more from him in the near future. You and the author have my best wishes...”

- Dr PC Hariharan, Connecticut (USA)


“Dear Karan, ……..‘Crime Academy’ is a fascinating and an absorbing story. You have indeed become a 'professional' at writing and have cleverly deployed the full armoury of 'tricks of the trade' e.g. politics, romance, crime/ intrigue, clever characterisation/storyline/climaxes, yogic/spiritual, hi-tech, national security/military etc within the bounds of realism. My compliments on the end-product, which is so well done. The book is delightfully readable with a smooth flow - finished it in less than two days. You have fully exploited your personal knowledge of the 'lath-maar'/earthy Jat psyche/ethos. I fully agree with the existence of an exceptionally wise fringe, like your Prof Chaudhry and his super-woman daughter (Richa). You have kept it as true to life as possible! Also, very up-to-date state of the Nation, notwithstanding your undisguised political orientation! You have gone into futuristic- fantasy in some respects (zepto mini-robots, super-yogic powers etc) but that is kosher as a creative liberty of a writer! I wish that this book also becomes a best-seller as your earlier works.”

- Lt Gen YN Sharma, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, Former Army Commander; Author of ‘Musings of a Military Maverick’


“The book is a master piece! A great effort to project social evils still lingering around in modern India. ..”

- Col SK Mehta (Retd), Toronto (Canada)


“Thanks a lot sending me your book promptly. I have just finished your book Crime Academy . You have very nicely brought out the social evils prevalent in the society - especially the honour killing in jats.  But this gory practice of honour killing has been prevalent in Sikhs and Muslim jats also. Story of Mirja Sahiba and Heer Ranja prove the point. Your narration of events is very beautiful.”

- Capt KJS Buttar, Ludhiana (Punjab)


 “Intensely engaging indeed! Rarely does one get such a novel authored by an Indian author. The book ‘Crime Academy’ was sent to me in its soft form by a friend in the book trade seeking my views on it.  Such pre-launch enquiries are common in book publishing. One normally skims through such manuscripts and it is easy to judge the quality of the stuff without wasting hours on it. But this one was different. I took it up for a quick glance after early dinner at 10.00 p.m. but just could not put it down! By the time I reached the end, it was 6.30. a.m! Mesmerising, shocking, revealing and all this in a superb fluent simple style that puts this book, I dare say, in a distinct and higher category of India’s contemporary English fiction, odd editing errors notwithstanding!”

- BG Varghese, HPMLLC, Bangalore


               “I have never been so moved by any other book in the recent years as by Crime Academy. The book will catalyse patriotic zeal in the reader. A must read for every Indian, of course!”

- Dr. Arundhati Roy Chakraborty, Kolkata 


“Dear Col Karan Kharb, ….I truly admire your effort and attainment in writing the book on such a relevant and live subject. My congratulations and best wishes on your successful efforts in this regard.”

- Dr YP Anand, former Chairman, Railway Board


“Just finished digesting this marvellous piece of literary prowess ‘Crime Academy’ by Karan Kharb. Being a slow reader, it took me some time to go through the fine print which left my mind boggled as to the quantum of all round knowledge possessed by the author. Evidently, he has done a deep study of our social, political and diplomatic structures as well as the advanced scientific technology being developed by the criminal professionals who though not very large in numbers, do have serious ramifications on the national security. An extremely well researched and beautifully articulated book which every individual must read and draw his/her own conclusions as to the ground reality. …. This narrowing down of his investigation has even earned him the wrath of some in his own community which again is temperamentally rigid in approach to the realities of life and rather averse to growth in the positive direction. I compliment Karan for the masterpiece produced by him which matches works of great writers world over. Congratulations and good luck.”

- Col Kulbir Singh, Chandigarh

Now some Sour sprinklings too!

“On hearing too much praise about it, I bought and read this book.  I have also read books by Salman Rushdie, VS Naipaul, Vikram Seth etc and sadly agree that Karan Kharb too belongs to the dirty class of those Indian authors who have paid their way to undue fame and awards. The stories and theories advanced by the author in ‘Crime Academy’ are unreal, weird and other-worldly. It is ridiculous to suggest that Yogic energy would ever be co-axially utilised to invade human brains and instruments like smart phones. Writers like Naipaul and Rushdie have fooled the world for too long. Now, Kharb also joins this club of naughty perverts!”

- Prof Rajinder Singh Chaudhary, Chandigarh


“I have painfully read your book called ‘Crime Academy’. Good English but rest is all baqwas. Let me politely tell to you withdraw your book from market earlier than late and stop writing ‘KHARB’ with your name. We have decided to throw you out from the Jat community. Your hookka paani band.  We will see you soon.”

- Shamsher Singh Dahiya, Chairman JAT Gaurav Raksha Samiti, Kurukshetra (Haryana)


“The language and style, no doubt, very good.  The stories and a dash of spiritual mystique are also intensely engaging. But sorry to say that the author’s love for BJP and his scorn for the rest in India’s current political environment is too sharp and obvious. I don’t believe there is any political establishment in the country who would be so shameless yet to seek alliance with ISI, LeT or any war mongering machinery in Pakistan. Whereas he charges others of treason and sedition, the author is himself guilty of trespassing into the forbidden territory in accusing the Left and Opposition parties who might sue him legally.”

- JKV Daniel, President JSSV, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)   


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