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Across the Bench - Insight into the Indian Military Judicial System

 ‘Across the Bench’ is the first book of its kind that delves into the depths of Military Judicial System. It is a concise-precise record of landmark judgements and rulings of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the AFT on a vast array of subjects covering promotion, pensions, courts-martial, awards, privileges, family discords and a lot more. Diligently arranged, this book enlightens on the whole gamut of problems faced by military personnel, veterans and their families. It is an excellent guide-cum-reference book for all military Headquarters/Establishments, Units, MoD departments, offices, libraries, litigants, lawyers and judges.

Authored by : Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC
Language : English
Publisher : Turning Point Publishers
Year of Publication : 2018
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN-13 : 978-81-933973-9-8
Subject : Across the Bench - Insight into the Indian Military Judicial System
Edition : 1
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Praise for the Book


“The book has assembled all the judgements delivered by the Courts and the Tribunal relevant to most common of the issues that come up for consideration. I am sure that the hard labour of the author will benefit not only the bar, the bench and the students of Military Law, but be of great value and utility even to the Military establishment at different levels.”

- Justice TS Thakur, Former Chief Justice of India


“This book would be a beacon for the commanders enriching them in their knowledge and understanding of legal nuances relating to pre-trial investigations, Court Martial procedure, service matters viz pension, disability pension, administrative removals etc.”  

- General Bipin Rawat, UYSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, Chief of the Army Staff


“Being together at the AFT, I have been privy to Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan’s sharp discerning abilities and his dexterous handling of complex issues with remarkable clarity and simplicity. This book is a straight reflection of the depths of military wisdom and judicial sagacity of the author. The enormous wealth of legal and administrative knowledge he has packed so concisely in ‘Across the Bench’, makes it a highly valuable book of reference for all authorities, lawyers, the Bar and the Judiciary.” 

Justice SVS Rathore, Former Judge, Allahabad High Court, Member ‘Judicial’, AFT Regional Bench, Lucknow


“I have had the pleasure of working with Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan at AFT Lucknow. His brilliance as a military officer and his sound understanding of legal and judicial matters along with his long experience in AFT is reflected in his book 'Across the Bench - Insight into the Indian Military Judicial system'.  AFTs are handling all kinds of petitions of armed forces personnel, be it disciplinary action, promotion, service conditions, pay and allowances, pensions etc. Thus, every Military commander needs to learn wider perspective of laws across the fence as much as every Judicial officer and functionary needs to learn about Military laws, conventions, operational and administrative functioning of the services. This book is not only the most needed but the only book of its kind in this genre. I congratulate the author for an excellent compilation of invaluable references and guidelines for all litigants, lawyers and authorities in the armed forces.”

-  Air Marshal BBP Sinha, PVSM, AVSM, Member 'A', AFT Regional Bench, Lucknow


“Throughout my service, I had felt the need for a handy guide on law for commanders and staff officers at all levels and, of course, for all ranks and their families as well. Later, as President, Indian Ex-Services League (IESL) and as a practising Counsel, I found even lawyers were largely unaware of the complexities of service matters and military law. Thankfully, Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan has now filled that void. Besides being a ready reference book for lawyers and litigants, ‘Across the Bench’ is a ‘companion-compendium’ for commanders at all levels.”         

- Lt Gen BS Yadav, PVSM, VSM**(Retd), Senior Advocate & Accredited Government Pleader at AFT (Principal Bench),


“In the Armed Forces whenever a Commanding Officer or a Commander at any level, is trying a person for an act of indiscipline, he always keeps it at the back of his mind that the individual would also be an integral part of him team if the unit goes to war. Despite such compassion there are occasions when justice is not fully done. In my view this happens due to lack of experience or expertise in finer nuances of law. ‘Across the Bench’, by Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan, a course mate and fellow member of AFT, would help in filling this knowledge gap. The book has been compiled using his vast experience from an illustrious military career, as well as the judicial experience gained at the Armed Forces Tribunal. It would indeed be useful Guide to Commanders at all levels in the Armed Forces to deal with complex disciplinary issues. I recommend the book to all Armed Forces officers. It would also be a handy reference for lawyers and judicial officers dealing with cases of military personnel.

- Vice Admiral MP Muralidharan, AVSM & BAR, NM, Former Member 'A', AFT, Kochi Bench and Former DG Indian Coast Guard.


Across the Bench is an extremely useful treatise on the way forward for resolution of routine legal issues faced by the serving personnel and veterans of the Defence Forces. The author, having had a ring-side view of the happenings on either side of the Bench, has put many issues in their corrective perspective for litigants, lawyers and adjudicators. The book is an insightful illustration of judicious application of the laws of the land and certain land mark judgements which have been delivered by the Judiciary on service matters from time to time. A must-have for all libraries in the Services, the Bar and the Courts.”  

- Maj Gen Prem Sagar, VSM, (Retd), Empanelled Arbitrator, Army HQ, New Delhi.


“My experience in command and staff at Unit and Formation levels has been that even though there are loads of policy letters on legal issues, there is no single source where to find them. Rulings of the Higher Judiciary on military cases are hardly found properly arranged.  I was delighted to find this problem very well sorted out by Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan in his wonderful book, ‘Across the Bench – Insight into the Indian Military Judicial System’ which enlightens the reader on routine as well as complex legal issues faced by military personnel, veterans and authorities. It will greatly help commanders and staff officers at all levels in handling the legal issues now more easily and efficiently.” 

Brig Dalbir Singh Chahal, SM, Defence Analyst, New Delhi 


“The only book of its kind in the market that will educate every military litigant including ex-servicemen and their families on the technical intricacies of their court cases. I am sure this book will also be a wonderful guide and handy reference book for the lawyers handling cases of military personnel at the Court Martials, the AFT or at the Hon’ble Supreme Court.” 

- Col Anand Singh Chauhan (Retd), Advocate, Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and AFT.





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